Who am I, and what am I doing here?

Hi folks –

I’m Scott Starkey, sometimes known as the Wizard of the Wabash. I’ve been a part-time professional magician for over five years now.

I wanted to document my journey from being a part-time professional magician to my ideal of becoming a full-time.

I have been doing magic for a while. When I was a kid, my father taught me a trick or two with cards and coins with a couple of basic sleights. He was a schoolteacher and poker player. Occasionally he used a magic trick to entertain his kids. I also grew up in the 70s and 80s watching Doug Henning, David Copperfield, and Penn & Teller.

I got a few magic kits as a kid, and a couple of nice magic books. I even made a couple of purchases out of a magic catalog. I read that catalog cover to cover and over again, checking out the tiny black & white pictures, not really knowing what anything did. $120 to learn how to make a lady float! Well, that was out of my league, but I saved my allowance and bought a finger chopper trick, because I thought that would be totally cool. (It actually was for a 12-year-old, but unfortunately I had no presentational skills to go with it.) After a while, school and Boy Scouts and computers got in the way of my magic.

I had no idea, that about 30 minutes from my house, there was a magic club and store in Lafayette, Indiana! I found this out much later.

Then, in college at Purdue, I found out about the Purdue magic club! This was my first contact with actual magicians. I participated in a few of their shows. I was doing tricks with actual sleights! I had found the magic shop downtown, and bought a couple of tricks from the guy. However, I never knew that right across the river was the Lafayette magic club.

And then I took a year off from school, and mostly forgot about everything magic related.

Then in 2008 I took a business trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. Our evenings were free. I wasn’t up for much in the way of gambling, but Las Vegas is known for its magic scene. For entertainment one night, I hunted down a magic shop and bought a couple of things. I took them back to my room and practiced coin moves and played.

Shortly after, I was browsing the Internet for magic stuff. I haphazardly typed “magic Lafayette Indiana” into a search engine, and found the magic club that had been kept secret from me my entire life. I dropped in on their meeting. I wasn’t really good; I didn’t have magic “chops”; but I wanted to drop by to see if it was fun. Wow, it was! There were actually some full time professionals that came to the club, with a good mix of amateurs as well. Plus, they were nice folks. I joined their club, and later became their president & secretary. I also eventually became a worker, myself. I’ll share that story with you later.